Caffyns has made a commitment to make this website accessible to all users, and includes the following features:

Access keys
These keys can be used to navigate the site quickly and easily. Simply hold down Alt, then press the corresponding number, release and then press return:

Alt + h + 'return' key – Go to Homepage
Alt + a + 'return' key – Go to Our Company
Alt + b + 'return' key – Go to Investor Relations
Alt + c + 'return' key – Go to Contact

Fire Fox
Alt + Shift + h – Go to Homepage
Alt + Shift + a – Go to Our Company
Alt + Shift + b – Go to Investor Relations
Alt + Shift + c – Go to Contact

Text Size
Use your web browser to select your preferred text size.

  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer: select View, then Text Size and select your preferred size
  • For Netscape: select View, then Text Zoom and select your preferred size
  • For Apple OSX: hold down the apple key and press the + and – keys to increase or decrease the font size

Adobe pdf files
Some additional information is available on our website in the form of Adobe pdf files. Clicking on a link to these files will open a new browser window.

For more information about reading these files with assistive technology, please visit

Online conversion tools for Adobe PDF documents can also be found on this page of the Adobe website.

Pop up and new browser windows Caffyns creates pop up windows for the user to view:

  • Other websites
  • Adobe Acrobat files

Graphics and images in our website will have alternative text (ALT) that describes the contents or function of the image. This description will be displayed when images are turned off, on a text-only browser or as a ‘tool tip’ in certain browsers when the mouse pointer is moved over the image.